How I'm Using a Neuromarketing Blueprint to Create Durable, Lasting Wealth Through Advertising & Marketing

Make the leap from old models, outdated guru tactics, and one-trick-pony marketers to a sustainable model designed for business owners just like you.

From A Nerdy Agency In Cincinnati, OH

If you are an entrepreneur, or a consultant, this letter
could change your financial situation forever.

The material I’m about to share certainly changed the game for me.

But I’m going to get this out of the way right up front:
this offer is limited (but for real for real). We do
not do “fake scarcity,” there is a legitimate reason this offer must be capped.

Here is why:

If the tools, techniques, and methods described in our monthly newsletters reached millions of business owners there would be some who aren't as ethical as you and I.

We're talking about human psychology, cutting edge marketing strategies that I've used with my agency clients for years, and let's face it...

...this offer includes several pieces of high level marketing material that I have (a) never shared anywhere before and frankly (b) do not want in the hands of every person with internet access

What You'll Discover Inside:

  • How to Engineer Marketing Strategies for Long-Term Growth in Your Business

  • ​The NEW Neuromarketing Model My Private Clients Are Using Right Now To Increase Their Revenue With Less Clients

  • ​Install Marketing Literacy & Understanding That Will Give You OPTIONS -- options previously reserved for "big businesses" and "enterprise-level" executives

  • Program Your Mind for Proper Handling (and attraction) of RESOURCE -- money, relationships, assets & opportunities

  • ​How To Install, Setup & Leverage Your Customers' Buying Habits The Right Way For Relationship Creation & Capital Allocation That Produces Ethical & Sustainable Growth

  • ​BONUS: Content Map-- Our Formula For Uncovering Your Clients Deep Psychological Needs

  • ​BONUS: Business Development Daily Checklist-- For Gaining Traction In Your Daily Actions

  • ​​BONUS: Neuromarketing Cheatsheet-- Steal Our 7 Neuromarketing Techniques You Can Implement Today (step-by-step guide)

  • BONUS: AI Powered Website Insights-- Learn The Do's & Don'ts of High Converting Websites

  • BONUS: Access to the Neuromarketing Blueprint Community -- Join over 500 active business owners who are working on thriving using these systems

  • ​And Much More (including exclusive content not available online)

There is no greater competitive edge in the world greater than how you treat ( and grow ) your customer relationships .

In a controlled environment, with two exactly equal businesses...

...the one with deeper customer relationships

And I don't know about you...

But I got into the business game to win.

Yet, most business owners are so hell-bent on finding the next funnel hack, tactic, or DM strategy to get clients...

... That they wind up on an endless hamster-wheel of chasing short-term cash from new clients...

And the money that hit their account on Tuesday is gone by next Friday...

... And so the cycle continues...

Turning most well-to-do entrepreneurs into a slave to their clients, and their goal of amassing durable, long-lasting wealth slowly slips through their fingers.

The real problem here (and why most business owners only last 1-3 years before they fizzle out)...

Is because you've been sold on the endless ways to get clients and make sales, but no plan as to what to do with it once you get loyal customers who rave about your brand.

AKA... a fast path to make some money and for some, to "get rich".

But a long, painstaking path to true wealth accumulation.

At the end of the day, a sound, intelligent, neuroscience based marketing process is the fastest way to acquire capital.

And successful marketing and advertising strategies are the secret to ascending to a new level of wealth (personally and professionally) as a business owner.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of benefits that comes when you implement Neuromarketing Strategies into your business:

...You get the point.

I want you to properly utilize the blueprints I’m about to show you because they are dependable. And predictable. And can enable small businesses to operate securely through good times and bad times.

The Neuro-Insider

Each month my office will send you a small but potent training document. This will include what’s working (and what’s not) from the top marketing & advertising businesses across 100+ different industries.

Every 30 days like clockwork Alex and his team sit down to meticulously document what’s working and what needs fixed across all his clients & equity partners, and this letter is a result. You will become addicted to the lessons - and there are no long term commitments.

The Bonuses

(... and oh boy... are there a lot of them)

BONUS #1: Content Map

Our Formula For Uncovering Your Clients Deep Psychological Needs

Almost every business owner struggles with creating social media content, and it's not that you're "empty in the head" and can't, it's that you were all lacking a direction on how to build an audience that was loyal.... so you "got busy, and stopped posting".

It's ok, you don't have to lie to me -- I see it daily, and I'm not going to scold you for it. I'm here to help you through this.

There are 3 pillars of content that will ever get engagement, likes, and shares.

We take these 3 pillars and match them up with the 6 human needs that all of your audience, customers, and clients want to feel from you.

The Content Map is a systematic tool to discover how to tap into those human needs so you can learn which human need and pillar of content produces the best result for you.

Once you find success, double down and watch your loyal customer following grow.

BONUS #2: Neuromarketing Cheat Sheet-- Steal Our 7 Neuromarketing Techniques You Can Implement Today (step-by-step guide)

Let's face it.... unless you're going to go through thousands of brain scans and endless scientific articles that are peer reviewed and verified, it's 1,000% unlikely that you're actually going to collect the relevant information.

It's totally OK, because our Neuromarketing team has the inside knowledge on how to integrate the important information so you can take actionable steps on what to implement into your business.

These 7 actionable techniques have been crucially important on multiple e-commerce, brick + mortar, and lead generation businesses for generating results.

BONUS #3: AI Powered Website Insights-- Learn The Do's & Don'ts of High Converting Websites

This AI enabled technology has helped businesses like Walmart, Microsoft, and Siemens group collect data on customer behavioral patterns for websites, landing pages, and funnels.

By using technology like infrared eye tacking, pulse and heart rate tracking we can see what physiologically captured the attention of consumers when viewing your website.

This type of research has historically been incredibly expensive, but with AI advances this technology has become readily accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Our Do's & Do not's checklist is designed to help you maximize the performance of your website/funnel based on information gathered from over 150,000 scanned websites.

BONUS #4:Access to the Neuromarketing Blueprint Community -- Join over 600 active business owners who are working on thriving using these systems

You're not going to be thrown into a group of 10,00+ members where it's a "spam city" of everyone trying to sell you their mastermind...

It's the exact opposite. Everyone in the group is trying to optimize their own marketing, and asking for support in various areas of growth.

It's arguably the best marketing channel in existence today...

BONUS #5: Business Development Checklist

We all get busy throughout our day, and keeping all the moving parts of your business in check is vitally important when you are beginning to scale.

This checklist was designed to function like the dashboard on your car, when these checklist items are firing correctly you're on a smooth course. However, when these fall off of your radar, things tend to go haywire.

This daily checklist is every scaling entrepreneurs best friend!

Backed By the Best Guarantee Money Can Buy

It’s important to make sure you know, everything you see in my offer today is 100% backed for the next 60 days.

That means, I personally pledge you will never find a simpler, more sound, or easier to implement blueprint to achieve financial independence using a Neuromarketing model — other than perhaps my higher level consulting or agency programs.

If you decide I’m wrong about that, you can call or email us any time (contact information below) in the next 60 days.

Even if it’s Sunday morning while I’m sipping my coffee with the dog, I will get you your money back immediately. No questions asked.

Obviously, you won’t need to return a thing – not the course, or the bonuses, templates, or the group access. You keep it all, my compliments for trusting me with your time.

Why am I including all of this?

For a limited time only, right here on this page, my Neuro-Insider and all the bonuses are all included for one time limited price...

No hidden fees in the fine print, or anything like that. And no obligation to buy anything else from us, ever. Although you might want to after you see how good the material is.

My goal with this product is to create a relationship. Once you sit down to study this material, there is a good chance you will come back to deepen the relationship.

Many of the 7 and 8 figure case study clients I’ve created over the years, started with me because of a product just like this one. Implement, see results, then come back for more training!

Regardless, you are covered no matter what. You aren’t risking a penny.

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